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In order to give you a high quality and luxurious dream bathroom that will be a pleasure for years to come you need to invest in the services of a professional installations company to carry out your bathroom project.

Chislehurst Pristine Bathrooms is the service you need, take a look at our work as our bathrooms speak for themselves.
Bespoke and luxury


The moments we spend in the Bathroom are precious. It’s the place that we start and end the day and where some of our most intimate moments take place. Also, our increasingly busy lives leave little room for true relaxation and time to simply “be”.

A relaxing bath or refreshing shower is one of the few occasions you get to enjoy your own space in uninterrupted peace. So not only should it function well it should also be designed and fitted for your absolute comfort and luxury.
Bespoke and luxury


Nothing comes close to the freedom of a dedicated Shower room. Our wet room specialists have the knowledge and experience to transform virtually any room to incorporate an open, tiled shower area.

A wetroom system is quite complex with many layers of waterproofing to ensure you have no leakage in the future.
4 easy steps

How we work

Stage 1. The initial quotation

Our team of experts can help you fully understand what you want and then provide you with a 3D design of what your dream bathroom will look like. We provide detailed quotations along with a complete breakdown of each element so that you can see where your money is being spent. Quotations include everything from rip out to completion and the removal of all rubbish.

Stage 2. Choosing a bathroom

Once a budget is agreed we will take you along to a local showroom called Easy Bathrooms who are based in Orpington. At the showroom, our team will help you choose the perfect bathroom suite, fixtures and fittings. You will have the choice of over 90 bathroom displays, which will include every style you could imagine from Victorian to modern contemporary.

Stage 3. Getting started

We will arrange a suitable date to commence work and provide you with an estimated completion date. From the very first day we take great care to protect your home from dust and dirty feet by ensuring that all carpets, hard floorings are dust guarded. This process also includes ensuring doorways are zipped up and protected.

Step 4. Your refurbishment!

Every job is different and is treated with 100% dedication with close communication throughout. Our aim is to give you a dream bathroom that you love, so we will happily chop and change things to your liking.

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